Adventurous activities

Many adventurous activities in the Auvergne

  • This is a paradise for hikers, there are a dozen walks. Accompanied walks of different lengths ranging from easy to difficult
  • The Auvergne is extremely suitable for discovering on the mountain bike. For those who love mountain biking, there are many bike trails at different levels.
  • For a dose of sensation and adventure you can explore the wonderful Auvergne motorcycle. Unforgettable routes and privileged throughout your travels specially selected for you.
  • On the back of a horse, this is why the Auvergne is expected. The dream of every rider a network of routes for travel true'' horse'' designed by and for riders.
  • Adventurers can go paragliding, do parachute jumps and also to climb.
  • Canoeing and kayaking, canyoning and rafting on the river Allier.
  • You can swim in Ambert, there are several lakes where you can rent paddle boats.
  • For those who have a passion for fishing there are rivers, lakes and water areas of the Puy-de-Dôme. There are 40 kinds of fish. The king of fish is trout. It is found in rivers and streams Livradois and reflects the quality of the water in which it operates.
  • There are twenty golf course at the foot of volcanoes and large green valleys. You expect pure air and the feeling of well being, for example, two golf courses at high altitude: Volcanoes Orcines (near Clermont-Ferrand) or Charrade Golf (also in Clermont). There are also two special golf clubs at Vichy,Vichy Sporting Club and Golf Club Montpensier.

So you see, plenty to do for the active holiday!