Who we are

June 13, 2011 is the date that we, Patricia (46), Wim (44) and Jeff (17), started our new life in France. For me, Patricia, a life in France was my dream for years. And now it has become reality!

The love for living in France and the French language grew when, as a teenager, I worked as an au-pair in France. After 20 years of managing my own business as a beautician in Holland, the time had come for this new adventure that I can share with my son, Jeff, and my friend Wim. After working several years as a real estate agent, Wim was also ready for a new adventure. After visiting a few houses in France, Wim also got excited, so we chose to live in the Auvergne. Finally we can profit from tranquillity, space and authenticity. We felt “at home” very quickly. Especially the etiquette here in France, we like ’t very much. More time together to enjoy life, and of course the space, tranquillity and finished with all the traffic jams .... When we returned to Holland, jeff was also contaminated by the "fever of France." Jeff, who always leaves on vacation camping in the wild and in the woods, was curious about the area of our choice, Auvergne. Living in a forest of a few hundred miles, it was a great dream for him. Then, in January 2011 we went to see the houses in France, but this time all three together. We were really happy to have finally found our house.

To be together and enjoy more of our lives, we decided to offer guest rooms and combine them with wellness. We like to treat our guests and give them the feeling of being at home. Living in this environment with its space, tranquillity and freedom bring us such happiness that we would like you to enjoy too. I, Patricia, I cook and prepare meals with lots of fun. Together we are responsible for the maintenance of the rooms and the garden and surroundings of the house. Jeff has found his love in Holland and went back to live in Holland again.

We warmly welcome you and hope that your stay with us will be relaxed and calm.

You are welcome to La Maison du Chevalier!

See you soon. Wim and Patricia